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Imagine a world where all women live healthier lives free from the fear of breast cancer.
This is the vision of the WISDOM Study.
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This is the vision of the WISDOM Study.

We are a partnership of breast health doctors and researchers, patient advocates, community leaders and women from all neighborhoods who share a common goal: to revolutionize the way breast cancer is detected and risk is reduced.

The WISDOM Study brings together 100,000 diverse women from across the US to find the safest and most effective way to detect breast cancer for every woman.

We are working to determine the safest and best way to detect breast cancer.

The WISDOM Study compares two approved screening approaches: annual mammograms for all women, starting at the age of 40 or a personalized approach to breast screening that is based on a woman’s individual risk factors for breast cancer, like her breast density, genes, and family health history.


women have already joined the WISDOM movement! Please join if you:

Identify as female
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Are between 30-74 years old

Live in the United States

Have not had breast cancer
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How it works

The WISDOM Study is easy to join and is completed mostly online.


Step 1

Register for the WISDOM Study here and learn if you’re eligible to participate.


Step 2

Complete your first health questionnaire. If you chose the Personalized Group, you will provide a saliva sample (by mail) to evaluate genetic risk.


Step 3

WISDOM will send you screening recommendations on when to start and how often to have mammograms based on your study group.


Step 4

Every year for the 5 year study, we’ll email you and ask you to fill out a new questionnaire online to track your breast health.

Being part of WISDOM means…


The WISDOM Study enables you to learn more and focus specifically on your breast health.


When you join the study, you become a part of the movement to improve the health of your daughters, sisters, nieces, and friends.


The study gives you access to the latest information on breast health provided by a source you can trust.

Feel good knowing that when you’re a part of WISDOM, you’re a part of something much bigger than yourself.

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