Meet Our Team

Principal Investigators

Dr. Esserman is the Director of the UCSF Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center at UC San Francisco, a professor of Surgery & Radiology at UCSF, and a practicing surgeon and breast cancer oncology specialist. She is the founder of the University of California wide Athena Breast Health Network, a model learning system to integrate clinical care and research.


She also leads the innovative ISPY clinical TRIALs, which are designed to accelerate the identification and approval of novel agents for women with high risk cancers (find the right drug for the right person at the right time). She is an international breast cancer specialist, policy expert, innovator, and leader in building learning systems to improve patient care.


Why is WISDOM important?

"The WISDOM trial is an exciting opportunity for all of us to participate in a program that will help us learn who's really at risk for what kind of breast cancer. Together we can create a better future and enable significant improvements in the approach, outcomes of and experience of breast cancer screening for generations to come."


Sandy Borowsky is a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Center for Comparative Medicine and the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of California Davis. He learned diagnostic breast pathology at Vanderbilt where innovations in the 1980s led to the advance of breast conserving therapy and then trained at Brigham/Harvard Medical School in molecular oncology. He is an expert in experimental models of DCIS and breast cancer, and the development of innovative technologies for improved evidence based diagnostics.


Why is WISDOM Important?

As a physician scientist, Dr. Borowsky hopes that an evidence based risk assessment encompassing the leading edge of scientific understanding of breast biology will improve patients’ lives by personalizing risk reduction, improving therapy, and reducing overtreatment.

Dr. Anton-Culver is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Medicine and the Founding Director of the Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute at UCI. During the past thirty-three years at UC Irvine, she has established major research programs in cancer epidemiology and cancer genetics, including studies funded by the National Cancer Institute and other agencies.


Why is WISDOM Important?

The WISDOM Trial will evaluate the value of the most common screening program, mammography, using an individualized approach with high level of precision for each woman participant. It is expected to change the health care paradigm for cancer control and prevention.