Check Out Our Open House!

You’ve got questions like: 

  • I joined the study, what’s next? 
  • Why is WISDOM recommending I get a mammogram every two years? 
  • Is it safe to not get a mammogram every year? 
  • What happens if you gave me a screening recommendation but I didn’t follow it? 


Good news, we’ve got answers!

We are excited to share that the WISDOM Study team is hosting a series of virtual Open Houses to address all of your burning questions.   The Open Houses are held on Zoom and run 40 minutes to an hour.   Participants have the opportunity to meet with their WISDOM Study Coordinators and learn more about the study.  During these sessions, Study Coordinators provide background information on WISDOM and answer all the questions you have about your participation.  Most importantly –  everyone is invited!  Please feel free to share the Open House information with your friends, colleagues, and family members! There’s no pressure to join, so women can come even if they’re just curious about what WISDOM is all about.

For more Information about WISDOM’s Open Houses, please directly reach out to your study coordinator or email  We look forward to hosting you and your friends!

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